Alternatives To Sublimation Printing

In markets, alternatives to sublimation printing come with various features and functionalities. Printing is where you have to put graphics on fabrics, polyesters, mugs, and many more products. The first method for printing all this stuff that comes to mind is sublimation printing.

But sometimes, printing with the sublimation method isn’t durable, and sometimes it is costly. So you had to find something better and something convenient to your printing. Hence, we are bringing some alternative sublimation printing methods that will provide your facility at every step.

Alternatives To Sublimation Printing

Alternatives to sublimation printing come with various features and functionalities. Printing is where you have to put graphics on fabrics, polyesters etc.

Besides many methods and different mechanisms, we are going to discuss the top five methods for printing. These methods come with easy steps and have better consequences on printing. Also, their applications are not costly, so you will be worry-free when choosing these methods for your desired printing.

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Let’s dive into these classical and top methods to elaborate on easy steps on printing.

Heat Transfer Method

The heat transfer method is pretty similar to the sublimation method so that you won’t feel new. The only thing that relies on both printings is the system of transferring Solvent ink on the cloth. But don’t worry, we will discuss these methods for your easy working and tell you some of the required equipment.

We need a computer, a printer, heat transfer paper and ink, and a heat press. Also, we need a vinyl cutter, heat pads, heat tapes, heat resistant sheets, and some substrate. As well, you have to buy durable and long-lasting products to have everlasting printing.

The steps for doing this printing are pretty simple as the sublimation printing. Firstly, you have to get all of your supplies and equipment on the heat transfer paper. Then cut the design on the heat transfer paper and warm up the heat press with recommended pressures.

Also, you have to adjust the timing of the heat press between twenty to sixty seconds. Then you have to set the substrate and transfer it with the correct dimensions to press the heat. Your product will be fine after the transfer and just removed after the completion of the heat transfer.

Morely, this system brings the best facilities with it where the best one is that you can print the full-color photo prints. Also, this system is the best choice for starting your small-scale printing business. In addition, you can choose various color printing with this method easily.

Vinyl Cutting Print System

In the alternatives to sublimation printing, this method is also famous in the market with easy steps. In this method, you have to include cutting vinyl and then putting the prints on the shirts or other products. Some of the specific instruments are required for this setup, and all are affordable.

Computer, color inkjet printer, vinyl cutter, heat process, heat press, and vinyl that is completely printable are all included in the setup. Additionally, you need cutting mates, cutting blades, clear vinyl lamination, and other application tools. Now let’s find the ways of printing to elaborate on you.

Firstly print your design on the vinyl sheet with the inkjet printer and take all your supplies. After this, use your vinyl cutter and carefully cut the design out of the sheet because it works pretty well. Then take this cut design from the sheet and put it on the shirt with a heat press.

Now have a look at the design you put on the shirt if it is completely embedded. The facilities and versatilities of this process are outclassed as it provides full durable prints. Furthermore, you can use many colors also; you can put these prints on many fabrics. As the best feature, these prints will not show any cracks.

DTG Printing

We are getting this printing method with the most accessible applications. It is as easy as you do the printing on paper. This method is the best choice for starting your printing business. Some of the equipment from old methods are required in this printing system to start the working.

Take a computer that has installed graphic designing software, a heat press, inkjet printer ink, and a DTG printer. As well as we need a blower and paper for further supplies. Starting this method and getting the results are pretty easy, and you have to print the make the design with the software.

Then set the DTG printer where you want to and place the fabric. Then get the specific fabric that you want to print and load the heat press for embedding. At last, give the fabric some time to cool down so that the print sets entirely on it. Some of the pros of this method are as follow.

First of all, it is elementary and easy to use and doesn’t require any extra space. All in all, it gives the softest finishes for the prints from any other method.

Screen Printing

This is the top design in all and coming with the best durability functions. It also allows you to create your prints and design with your own hands. It requires a small range of accessories for durable and everlasting printing. Also, the methods and steps are pretty simple.

It requires a computer, a screen printing press, an exposure unit, and a flash cure. Also, inkjet film, squeegee, spray tack, pressure washer, and emulsion. So getting all of these accessories will be fine with printing, and you will be ready to perform your desired prints.

The mechanism works with some tracks and has a different pattern. First, you have to make a design template by your hand or even with a computer. Secondly, place it on the fabric straightly and carefully so that you can put the print in the best dimension.

Then put the desired color on the squeegee and spread it all over. Now give some time to the color for setting and then heat press it to get your design. Taking about the versatilities of this method, we get the best ink absorption, various color printings, and also this method is compatible with many fabrics.

Spray Painting With Hands

Hand and spray painting is the easiest method in these mechanisms. It is applicable on many fabrics with giving the exact specifications. This method needs to spray tension, spray colors, stencil, gloves for hands, blowers, cardboard, and spectacles. Morely, the working and applications of this method are most manageable from every process.

Take your stencil, or you are also allowed to create a new one for the requirement. Then take your shirt on the spray station and stretch it thoroughly to avoid getting folded. You can also recommend putting the cardboard inside and downside the shirt to restrict the color spreading.

Then spray the color over the stencil to put the design through gaps. After that, the fabric will soak the color entirely so that the design comes durably. Surprisingly, this system is very easy to apply. Also, the color sprays are very affordable, and they don’t require extra cash for the settlement. At last, it gives the best results with less money and will be profitable for the printing business.


There are so many alternatives that allow the users to use as an alternative to sublimation printing. These are

  • Hand And Spray Painting
  • Direct To Garments (DTG)
  • Heat Transfer
  • Screen Printing
  • Vinyl Cutting

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Screen printing is a better choice if you make many T-shirts. A smaller project, such as one or two t-shirts, is better suited for dye sublimation. Because dye sublimation is a more labor-intensive and more expensive process, this is why. Further, screen printing does not work well for small orders.

Cold peel transfer paper made of 100% cotton, Subli-Flex 202 is ideal for light and dark-colored textiles when printing with sublimation printers or regular inkjet printers with sublimation inks. Furthermore, it is best for logos, letters, and numbers with photo-realistic image quality in matte or glossy finishes.

Using my laptop is possible. H.P. The company produces printers that can use U.V. and sublimation inks. Furthermore, there are additional supplements such as printing on sublimation paper or directly onto fabric is possible with this printer line. Industrial printers made for this purpose are giant, expensive machines.

Final Verdicts

These alternatives to sublimation printing are very durable and everlasting. You can use the sublimation method instead of dealing with the different printing. Also, these methods are easy and simple to handle. On the whole, learning these methods will help you to do easy printings with reliability and affordability.

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