Cricut Explore Air 2 Review

Cutting for vinyl, fabric, fiber, and leather has been the most renowned business these days. And cutting machines are used to approach accurate cuttings. That is why we are bringing you the finest machine in all named Cricut explore 2 introduced by the Cricut store.

In this article, we are giving a complete Cricut explore air 2 review. We will be discussing the properties, versatilities, and mechanism of this gadget. So sit back and read that article to understand the following machine’s importance in the cutting field. 

Cricut Explore Air 2 Review

Uploading Pictures And Designs

Sometimes, it happens when you get bored with the projects and built-in designs of the cutter. Thus, it becomes necessary to change the cut’s methods. But, ordinary cutting machines aren’t compatible with providing you that convenience. That’s the reason why I have brought the following cutter machine.

It allows you to upload, make, or create options regarding the designs. Hence, you can up your computer, laptop, and tablets to change when you desire. And this all is approachable when you have its specific design space software, which is entirely free.

Materials Compatibilities

Most machines aren’t compatible with cutting different materials on the note to customize designs. It affects your cutting sublimation business when you can’t customize your customer’s material. Thus, it is important to leave ordinary cutting machines and buy the explore air 2 by Cricut store.

Surprisingly, this machine can let you cut a wide range of materials for designs. It is since the built-in blade of this Cricut explore air 2 machine is very sharp and fast. The sharpness of the blade invites you to cut from vellum to leather material with the same fast speed.


A wide range of projects is always waiting to modify your designs in the machine. It is because this machine comes with 3000 ready-to-make projects. All of these projects are trendy and new styles that can make your design look astonishing every time.

These 3000 projects are free where you don’t have to pay a single penny. And you can get through these designs by searching in the specific app.


Connecting your cutting machine is the main thing because people recommend screen navigation more. It is because navigation and handling from the screen are way too simple than working on the machine itself. On that account, the following machine is the best choice to convey your navigations through connections.

Surprisingly, this machine is proffering all device connections with the simplest management. In these connections, you can attach your computer, smartphone, and laptop with the help of Bluetooth. And that Bluetooth is completely wireless, so you don’t have to spend extra money.

Plus, the connecting range is also expanded with the machine; thus, you can connect with it from a larger distance. In Cricut explore air 2 reviews, I conclude that the connecting performance is pretty smooth.

Subscription Offer

In the Cricut explore air 2 review, people have reviewed the convenience of subscription. This is the subscription of Cricut library, in which you can find new projects, designs, and cutting opportunities very easily. While the library is pretty vast; and it has almost 100000 images.

Thus, you can customize your cutting materials with many more options. And it will give you a chance to change the old and boring cutting methods into classy ones.

Adjustable Speed

You can not cut every material with the same speed to get the designs. It is because the same speed of the machine can damage the accuracy and precision of your designs. That is why the machine features a speed-changing option that works to maintain every material’s cutting accuracy.

And this speed is adjustable in the cutting and writing option. Thus, if you are writing on a subject for your designs, then change the speed according to your need.


When you are working on a commercial scale for cutting, then you must need a faster machine. It is because a faster machine can help you to satisfy your customers. And it will make a good repute of you in the market for great customer service.

On that note, the following machine is made with a fast working machine. And the total speed of this machine is 2× more than the ordinary cutting machines. It means you can work with double speed with the same accurate and level cutting every time.

The Cricut explore air 2 machine reviews add that the machine is completely pause-free with its speed. 


Now you don’t have to buy anything regarding this cutting machine from the market spending extra money. This machine is packaged with all the accessories required on the set. All the accessories are high-quality, and they can easily last a long, long time.

In this pack, Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade, a Cricut 12-inch x 12 inch Light Grip Adhesive Cutting Mat is added. While designing software, free trial subscriptions and a fine point pen are also included in this cutting machine’s package.


  • Weight: Almost 2lbs while the shipment weight is 14 pounds
  • Dimension: 36.83 x 10 x 0.5 inches
  • Color: Mint, blue, Lilac, and matte black  
  • Connectivity: Wireless connection options
  • Warranty: One year warranty
  • It is pretty fast
  • Cutting compatibility is increased
  • Speed is also adjustable
  • Images are fully uploadable
  • You can get ready projects
  • It offers wireless connections
  • Cutting has been precise with it
  • Tools for customization are added
  • Connections are a little slow
  • Subscriptions are some expensive

Cricut Explore Air 2, Mint

Cricut Explore Air 2, Mint
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Dimension: 36.83 x 10 x 0.5 inches
  • Color: Mint, blue, Lilac, and matte black
  • Weight: Almost 2lbs while the shipment weight is 14 pounds

The Cricut explore air 2 machine reviews add that the machine is completely pause-free with its speed. 


The first thing that I should clarify is that they both are coming from the same Cricut company. But the difference is that the explore air 2 can cut 2× faster than the explore air. Thus, if you are looking to cut your materials quickly, you can buy the explore air 2.

Otherwise, the other functions are quite the same with both devices. But, in a modification way, exploring air 2 is better to buy.

The Cricut explore air 2 has been the best cutting device in the whole market. It is since the working, performance, and versatilities are impressive with it. All in all, you can get speedy cuts, accuracy, subscriptions, free designs, customizations, and picture uploading features in it.

While you can also get wireless connections with Bluetooth for mobiles, laptops, pcs, and Macs easily.

Engrave is a tough feature to get in an ordinary machine for cutting. But some of the ordinary machines include it, and Cricut explore air 2 is one of them. Thus, you can engrave on a thing that can easily roll through this machine. In this method, the tool will go in the B slot on the right side at the place of the blade. Hence you will be able to engrave anything straightforwardly.

The Cricut explore air 2 is definitely worth it with the price and performance. It is because this is made for beginners and it has easy navigation. But, the quality has tended the professional users to buy this machine for everlasting quality performance. On the whole, I will add, this machine is totally worth it, and you can buy it for smooth cutting performance.


In the Cricut explore air 2 review, I have discussed each functionality and versatility of the machine. All the features are prominent, and they can work for both beginners and professionals. Read them clearly and buy this machine so that you can fulfill your cutting business’s needs.

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