Cricut Joy Review

Cricut joy review machine is one of the best cutting machines for beginners. It is since this is the simplest for working, mechanism, and system. But, the quality features of that machine are also famous among professional players and they are using it constantly.

This machine has been a versatile choice worldwide for user convenience as well. It has lightened the cutting methods with its lightweight. Further on, it is proffering a new and classy cutting method for trendy looks. So we are bringing in a Cricut joy review so that you can get its properties better.

Cutting Material’s Compatibility

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Cutting every material has been a tough task for every machine. It is because every material has its own thickness and property that requires a specific cutter. But, that versatile machine comes with the compatibility to cut over 50 materials easily.

So you can customize thicker materials on that machine without any hassle. Since you are allowed to confront more than 50 materials. Mainly, these materials include leather, fiber, vinyl, vellum, and wood sublimation materials for top compatibility.


Writing is such a classical feature to get in a best cutting machine. It is because many ordinary machines aren’t featuring that stuff. But, when they built the writing function, the quality lacked with the whole mechanism. But, this time, you don’t have to worry about the writing method since it is already maintained.

Surprisingly, special management is built-in for writing in this device. All in all, that management lets you do the writing with complete accuracy. And this writing process is purely a time saver for professional use.

Compact Size

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Cutting machines are usually bigger in size, and they are a hassle to carry on travel. Since their large, bigger size needs more power for carrying. And even a single person can not carry them for a cozy transport. But, the following machine is totally convenient for that purpose.

The size and dimension of that machine are very compact. And surprisingly, you can carry it in a small bag or in your pocket. So it won’t be difficult to carry it where ever you want without any hassle. Further on, this machine is fully a facility for the storage process.

Unlike bigger machines, it doesn’t need a larger space for the storage method. Also, it doesn’t want a bigger space on the set so that you can assemble it everywhere easily. Hence, if you need a small machine with professional features, then the following one is a great choice.


The machine is wholly a convenience for the users from every aspect. Not a single thing is losing your hope leading to the hassles and efforts. At the same time, one of them is the lightweight of this device. That feathery weight doesn’t need any effort to carry it.

If you are hassling not to carry cutting machine on the work because of a weight problem. Leave that heavyweight machine and get the following Cricut joy machine with every quality feature.

Own Design Setup

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Naturally, you can not make the machine’s built-in designs every time since everybody needs a change. But, when you have an ordinary class machine, you will have to hook up with the old cutting methods. Consequently, it looks boring watching that old stuff on a device.

That is why the Cricut company has made the following machine with a built-in design feature. You can go through multiple designs in this feature and upload your own designs. It will give you a chance to customize your cuts with new changes any time you want.

Free Trial And Subscriptions

In the Cricut joy review, many users have reviewed the importance of the free trial in the design space software. In this free trial, you can use a bunch of new designs and projects. So if you are bored with the old cutting designs, then you can look at these in the trial version.

While this design software has a subscription offer as well, which has a vast library. You can easily have thousands of images, fonts, and make-it-now projects in that library. Subscribing to that offer will give you more options on cutting and writing.

Continous Cutting

In continuous cutting, some of the machines stick in the way and damage the cut. And as well, those machines get distracted by doing long cuts. But, this compact size machine is really a class for longer cuts up to 4 feet. And this 4 feet cutting is fully continuous.

On the other hand, that continuous and longer cuts are nonstop. So if you are a commercial user, then it will work for you better.

Connection Option

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Sometimes connections aren’t that smooth to get from a cutting machine with proper speed. It is because cutting machines doesn’t have a strong built-in connection system. Consequently, it disturbs your connections, pauses the connection, and sometimes doesn’t set a connection.

On that note, the machine made by Cricut is designed with a versatile connection system. You don’t have to worry about any pause and stop in this mechanism. At the same time, the connection options are available with USB and Bluetooth with any device you want.

And the devices include PCs, laptops, smartphones, and Macs. You can connect any of these devices with this machine to get the navigation on the screen. You don’t have to get closer to developing the wireless connection system because it provides a wide range of connections.

Pause-Less Cuts

The blade is the main thing that will show you how the machine is going to work. A blade can provide fast cutting and slow cutting regarding its sharpness. That is why the Cricut joy machine is giving the fastest cut because of its sharp blade.

On that note, you can cut the hardest materials like wood and stiff leather with it. And there are no chances of getting damaged since it is made with high-class material.


  • Weight: 3.74 pounds
  • Dimension: 8.43 x 5.43 x 4.25 inches
  • Color: White
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB
  • The cutting range is expanded
  • It is lightweight and feathery
  • Navigations are the simplest
  • It has a compact size
  • Writing is very exceptional
  • Cutting length is increased
  • Pause-less cutting every time
  • Create your own designs
  • Not that smooth to cut sticker
  • Subscription is a bit expensive

Cricut Joy Review

Cricut Joy Review
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Dimension: 8.43 x 5.43 x 4.25 inches
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 3.74 pounds

This machine has been a versatile choice worldwide for user convenience as well. It has lightened the cutting methods with its lightweight.


Everyone has been looking for convenience in using, handling, and storing a cutting machine. And the following Cricut joy is featured with all these needs. So we can say that this machine is totally worth it with the price and with the performance.

Yes, the Cricut joy machine is very impressive and cozy to use for beginners. It is because this machine offers the easiest ways of cutting, writing, and labeling. While the connection setup is easy and the size is compact, that is easy to handle.

Being a beginner, you will not feel any hassle using the following Cricut joy machine.

Yes, the Cricut joy machine comes with a single blade that is very smooth and sharp. You can cut more than fifty famous materials with extra precision and impressive speed.

The joyful cutting, writing, and drawing of Cricut Joy will bring you happiness in the practical world. You can apply your personal touch to almost anything, from organizing home to your personality on it. Create cards, labels, and decals quickly with the Cricut Joy app.

It’s super easy, and yes. Hence, you can customize the lengths of your sticker sheets with Cricut smart vinyl. You can do this with your kids.


I have elaborated on all the features and quality aspects in the Cricut joy review. This is totally a machine made for your user convenience. At the same time, the functioning and performance are top-class as well. So, get into this article to know the importance of this small size, versatile, and the lightest machine in the cutting market.

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