Cricut Maker 3 Review

Cricut maker 3 is one of the best machines for the cutting procedure in the whole market. It is since the cutting process is simplified by it with tons of new features that will lead you to perfection. Usually, simple cutting machines are used among beginners and newbies.

But this straightforward and easiest working machine is also flexible for professional users. The working mechanism enlightens the hassles of cutting. And you can go through quality tools to open up new ways of cutting with that machine.

So let’s get into the Cricut maker 3 reviews to find out its properties with elaborations.

Cricut Maker 3 Review

Cutting Compatibility

Every machine does not accept cutting every type of material to customize it. But, the following machine is an extreme challenger for cutting materials. It is since the machine is offering you to cut more than three hundred customizable materials with it.

In these materials, vellum, leather, fabrics are on the top of the list. Surprisingly, you can cut wood material with that machine for the modification. But, you have to take off the knot while cutting the wood material not to confront any hassle.

Sharpest Blade

The blade of the machine is pretty modified than the old version of the Cricut Maker. In the Cricut maker review, it is added that the blade is fastened and very sharp. And that is the reason why you can cut above 300 materials easily without any flaw.

While cutting harder materials doesn’t affect the blade’s shine, sharpness, and smoothness. It means the blade can last a very long time without getting damaged. So don’t worry about getting that machine since you are looking for the smoothest cutter.


Don’t you need a fast working best cutter machine for your commercial cutting business? So get the following cutting machine since it features a double speed function compared with the old version of Cricut. So it won’t be late anymore doing cuts and other writings through this Cricut maker.

But I have seen that most fast working cutters don’t last a long time in performance. They usually stop working and stick in a place featuring non-accurate cuts. But, this time, you don’t have to worry since the blade is fitted at the perfect slot for smooth working.

Rotary Blade Working

Rotary cutters always need some management to work perfectly. But, ordinary machines can not handle these blades to perform the professional cutting. But, the following machine features a high-class slot at the same place where you can fit your rotary blade.

Further on, the knife blade, scoring wheel, and foil transfer tool are all compatible with this machine. And these blades will help you to decorate with more styles.

Lightweight Machine

When you are using a cutting machine for personal use, then it happens that you have to travel with it. But, when the machine’s weight is heavier, it becomes challenging to carry it all the way. But don’t worry anymore since the following cutter is very feathery.

It means you can take it anywhere without putting extra power on carrying and handling. This machine also doesn’t require a hard or sturdy platform for assembly. You can easily assemble it anywhere, even if the service isn’t sturdy.

Compact Design

This cutting machine is convenient in every aspect. And that is why it has been the famous model recognized by users for its facilities. One of them is the compact and small size that lets you handle it without any hassle. Plus, storing this device is not a problem anymore.

While you don’t have to look for a larger space to assemble or set it for cutting. It will take the smallest portion of the set to get started working.


In the Cricut maker 3 reviews, I have seen a buyer appreciating the connection feature of this machine. And the features state that the machine offers you the smoothest connectivity option with devices. In this option, you can connect every type of device.

These devices include laptops, mobiles, PCs, and Macs to get through the app. Surprisingly, you can even get Bluetooth and USB connectivity features for connections. But, you have to download its specific app to get the connectivity convenience right away.

Cutting Force

Cutting force tends you to cut more and more materials in no time. On that note, the machine comes with ten times more cutting force than the old version. Now you can cut harder materials without getting stick and stop at any point.

That is the reason why wood is very smooth to cut through this machine. Plus, leather materials look very satisfying to design via that masterpiece. So get it with an enlighting force to easily upgrade your cutting and writing methods. And it is suggested to take a knife blade when you want to cut thicker materials.

Free Trial Subscription

The old version of this, one of the best Cricut makers, has a free trial subscribing feature. But that time, the free trial is coming with a vast library of functions and features for cutting design. You can search them and get through them so that you can customize one of your desire.

More on, the free trial subscription can also let you do writing designs with trendy engagements. And as well you can get to the debossing skill very easily with that vast free trial software.


Isn’t it tough to get a USB connection with a cutting machine? But, the following device is one of the best convenient machines that allow you to maintain a connection for the whole time. And the USB slot is very smooth, and it is totally stick-free.


  • Weight: 23.301 pounds (shipping weight)
  • Dimension: 26.25 x 11 x 11.2 inches
  • Color: Mist color
  • Connection: USB and Bluetooth
  • Print media: Paper print media
  • Battery requirement: No battery is required
  • It can cut many materials
  • Connections are easy to get
  • The machine’s weight is light
  • Work with many blades
  • Fastest cutting feature
  • Cutting force is increased as well
  • Debossing is very smooth
  • USB working is a pause-free
  • It may sometimes stop between cutting
  • Rolls aren’t much longer

Cricut Maker 3 Review

Cricut Maker 3 Review
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Color: Mist color
  • Battery: No battery is required
  • Weight: 23.301 pounds

This straightforward and easiest working machine is also flexible for professional users. The working mechanism enlightens the hassles of cutting. And you can go through quality tools to open up new ways of cutting with that machine.


Yes, the maker 3 is definitely worth it with the price and performance versatility. And it has been a phenomenal device in the market used by beginners and professionals as well. While the price isn’t that much, you can buy it at an affordable price to get exceptional.

The Cricut cutting machine has always been flexible for cutting purposes. And it doesn’t ask for a hassle even a single time. It is since this machine can use Cricut’s innovative materials; thus, it doesn’t need a mat for cutting.

The main motive of this machine is that it can do everything a Cricut maker can do. So you don’t have to worry while doing printing with that machine. Since it accepts every printing design to provide you with exceptional quality and accurate cuts.

Printing looks are pretty impressive, precise, and as always, smooth on the sheet. While drawing, embossing, debossing, and writing is the further quality feature of that machine.


In this Cricut Maker 3 Review, all the aspects of working and mechanism are completely elaborated. Overall, that device is a masterpiece and a great choice for both beginners and professionals. Thus, you have to read them all so that you can clarify all the functions. And it will be easier for you to buy an understood cutting machine this time.

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