How Long Do Cricut Blades Last

Blades are an essential part of any cutting machine. Since they help you cut the designs, the blade is the one to give you your style customizations. And sometimes, a blade becomes the key to a fast and straightforward production line so that people can work without hassles.

The finish quality of designs will tell you how much life is left in your Cricut blade. It is hard to specify any time period because it depends upon how much work is done by the blades. The life of the blade can be increased if we follow the recommended procedures

So knowing the importance of a blade, it is a must to take care of this blade. That is why we are bringing an article on how long do Cricut blades last. Cricut is a top cutting machine seller company in the market; on that note, we are elaborating on Cricut blades.

Further on, we will be handing over some tips on using a Cricut blade.

How Long Do Cricut Blades Last

These tips will help you to use these blades for a long time. On the other hand, we can know when to change the blade of the cutting machine. So let’s find out these things in the following article.

General Rule

According to the general rule, we have concluded that the Cricut blade must be changed bi-annually if your machine is doing average work. But again this is not any hard & fast rule, you should keep a record of the work done by your blade.

On the other hand, it is suggested to use different blades for every material. This will help to increase the blade’s life, and it will make them last with durability.

Further on, we have many conclusions on how to fix the Cricut blades. This conclusive information will have you find the real period of changing the blade. So we put together our own experience with this information that will help to make your blade last longer.

Factors That Make Your Cricut Blade Dull

There are way too many problems that make your blade dull and look older. Some of these problems are very simple to fix, and some of them are challenging to fix. Thus, let’s cover these problems in the following information for better elaboration.

Using One Blade For All Material

It has been the biggest problem throughout the first day that users don’t get this point clearly. We have seen many users cutting every material with a single blade every time. They don’t change the blade for thicker fabrics and even for more complex material.

So when the blade doesn’t give proper performance after some time, they blame the manufacturer of that blade. But now you have to keep in mind to use different blades for different materials. Since every material has a different thickness and every material needs extra sharpness to cut.

For example, the fabric is a rigid material to cut from any equipment. Thus scissor is used to cut the weave of fabric because scissor has the ultimate level of sharpness. Whereas you don’t have to use the scissor for paper cutting because it is pretty light and smooth even to cut by hands.

These are the same conclusion that you may experience with the Cricut blade. Because when you use paper on the Cricut blade and then use the fabric material for the cutting purpose. The blade will become dull, and it will not remain sharper anymore.

Using Your Blade On Inappropriate Materials

The cutting field has been modified in the market, and it is getting famous day by day. That is why people used to try different materials for new and trendy customizations. But, keep in mind that every blade is not made for every material. And you can not join every project with every blade.

We have seen that people are now using blades to cut metal-type material. But this is the biggest mistake they are making because blades are designed for thorough and smooth cutting. And this cutting can be achieved with a bit of soft and dim materials.

So automatically, when people cut metal or steel material on the machine, the blade becomes dull and diminished. That is why the manufacturers and professionals are restricting the cutting of these wrong materials. Where you can only cut fabric, vinyl, leather, vellum, and other dim materials.

The Tension In Cutting Blade

We have some settings that are regarding tension change and management. This setting allows you to change the position of the blade. So you can decide to make your blade lighter or deeper for better tension. We can say that this changing of pressure is better for the durability of the blade, and as well it is suitable for cutting.

And the dullness of the Cricut blade comes when you don’t change the tension setting. Because the stability of the blade can not go through deepness and lightness every time.

Methods To Make Your Blade Long-Lasting

There are some ways you have to learn how long Cricut blades last with reliable performance. Like fabric scissors, cutting blades are sensitive to some material, and they become dull quickly. So let’s haste into these ways for better info.

Cutting Tin Foil With The Cricut Cutting Blades

In this way, you have to load your mate with a sheet of tin foil and cut it away straight. Remember to adjust the tension as we have discussed above in the drawbacks section. Since tension is the most essential thing that can allow you to get through-thickness or deepness.

Sharpening Of The Cricut Blade

The second way is to sharpen and clean out your Cricut blade. In this method, remove the blade from the housing of the cutting machine. Then stab this Cricut blade into a ball of tin foil for the cleaning process. It will help to scrape the remaining fibers and glues.

Doing this all will clean the blade bitterly, and it will keep the blade sharp. And do this method 30 to 50 times without any further effort. After this, keep out the blade from the tin foil ball and place it back into the housing for durable use again.

Changing The Blade For Different Materials

This last method requires you to get some blades from the Cricut company with different thicknesses. So, if you are cutting two or three materials in a vast project. Then you must have to buy additional blades for each material cutting.

This way will help to protect your cutting blade from getting dull and dim. As a result, your blade will not get any further fiber or glue from other materials. On the whole, you will have your cutting blade clean, sharp, and safe for a long-time.

Signs That Will Show You When To Change The Cricut Blade

Regardless of protection and drawbacks assessments, some characters show you how long do Cricut blades last. The biggest sign comes up when your blade starts missing the cuts and ruins your design. While if your blade is not working smoothly on a particular material, you have to change it.

The third sign comes when you change the machine, and it makes a groaning sound. This groaning sound shows that your cutting blade has lost its sharpness and durability. It can not cut the specific material without ruining it.


With average use of your Cricut machine, you should replace your blades every two months. Perhaps you should move up to every six weeks if you’re cutting with it quite often. On the other hand, the blades can be replaced anywhere between six weeks to 2 months.

There are many factors to consider, including how frequently you use your machine and the type of materials you cut. A Premium Fine Point blade can be used in a Cricut Maker machine for an average of 3-6 months.

It is recommended that you replace your Cricut premium fine point blade every 12-18 months. Heavy cutting materials and daily use will wear out your blade faster, and you’ll lose your blade more quickly when you’re cutting paper and cards. After cleaning and adjusting your blade’s settings, a new blade is needed if not cutting well.

Based on the materials you use with your machine, you need to change the blades on your Cricut machine at different intervals. Generally, you should change your blade when your cuts are not crisp.

Wearing down the blades over time will result in dull cuts that are unreliable. Cricut blades can become expensive after a few months. And you will be able to extend the life of the blades by sharpening them and will not have to replace them as often.


In this article, we have discussed every tip and drawback regarding a Cricut blade’s life. Now you have to learn these tips for sure to find the right timing of changing your blade. Consequently, following these rules and steps will make your blade long-lasting, sharper, smoother, and brighter.

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