How To Print On Vinyl

Vinyl is the most renowned and used material in the printing field. It is since vinyl is the most stable material that stands for a long time with the prints. As well, vinyl can be more sticky with the attaching; that is why it is pretty versatile in this field.

Actually, printing on vinyl is an ordered method, and it needs proper attention for everlasting results. But the newbies are always hassling with the things, and they ask how to print on vinyl.

How To Print On Vinyl

Thus, in this article, we will be going deep into the printing process of vinyl for progressing results.

What Do You Need To Know?

Vinyl printing with the inkjet printer is the most famous printing in the market. It is since inkjet printers are the best performer for giving vinyl prints. On that note, we are discussing the vinyl printing methods with the inkjet printers. But you have to know about vinyl sheets.

Vinyl Sheets And Their Types

In vinyl printing, vinyl is the main and essential thing, so your main focus should be vinyl’s versatility. Thus you have to buy vinyl that is greatly compatible with printing. This receptive paper has a film coating that works to withstand the ink for a long time.

There are many types of laminations on vinyl sheets, but the top three vinyl sheets are as follows.

Expression Permanent Vinyl Sheets

It’s the best permanent printing vinyl sheet that is very sticky and has an adhesive nature. At the same time, it comes with the clearest lamination on the structure. This lamination works to set the sublimation ink and protects the ink from fading and scratching.

Cricut Vinyl

This type of vinyl has been the best choice to make die-cutting and decals. Even these types of vinyl sheets can bear a little wetness without changing the quality. So this vinyl type can also be a good partner for the printing process.

Papilio vinyl printer

This is also the topmost quality type of vinyl sheet. The main versatility of this sheet is that it is completely waterproof. So if you add lamination to them, then they will make a great stable platform for ink.

The Printing Method Of Vinyl Paper

This process has been modified within some time with its easy procedure. People can do this process without hassling and making any effort. So let’s begin the procedure of doing prints on vinyl with the easiest elaboration as follow.


First, you need vinyl paper for your printer, and it can be from our recommended ones. And as we are discussing this method regarding an inkjet printer, you also have to buy an inkjet printer. In this case, the market acknowledges canon inkjet printers since they have the best quality performance.

After this, buy some high-quality lamination sheets that you will be layering on the vinyl. Get a laptop or computer so that you can attach your printer with it. And as well, buy a ruler with a specific knife to start your process.

Creating The Design

The first thing you have to do is draw the customizations and inspirations you want on the print. Mainly, there are three top ways of making these designs, and they are following.

Finding Other Designs

There are a ton of sublimation designs on the webs and the internet. You can search for them to have an idea of how to make the design. These drawing inspirations will open up your mind and help you make your own customizations.

Use The Editing Software

The market is full of software that can help you to create or edit images regarding vinyl printing. So you have to look at the best design software that has extra tools and exceptional features. Thus, if you are a professional or know software working, you can create your images.

Well, the best software is Photoshop and illustrator because of their effective editing skill. At the same time, they are the easiest with working, editing, and creating. And if you can not buy Photoshop or illustrator software, then use the free GIMP or Canva as an alternative.

Sketching Your Design

Before finalizing the design, you have to render its sketch many times for better results. The recommendation says to sketch the design over 8 × 11 size of paper to scan it on the computer. Then you can edit it from the free editor or Photoshop to move on.

Printing The Design On Vinyl

In how to print on vinyl, we are discussing this method with the inkjet printer.

Opening A New Document

Open a new document that has 8 × 11 sizes in your computer even if it is a laptop, do the same. It will help you to edit and size the design or customization image of your desire in the document.

Pasting The Design

Now is the time to paste the design that you have created from the software. While if you are making multiple stickers or designs on the vinyl sheet. Then you have to paste these designs several times from the software with accurate sizing.

Printing The Preview

Moving on, you have to preview the sticker or your customization design in the document. But, if your design is already cut off, then you have to move it from the margin. Doing this will help you to get the clearest print every time for your designs.

On the other hand, the professionals are suggesting not to overlap your designs. It is since overlapping of the design can become a bruise or badly effecting thing that can ruin your design.

Printer’s Working

Vinyl printing needs a 4-color inkjet printing specifically with a 1200 dpi resolution of printing. Set the printer and attach it with the device to get the navigations on the screen. Also well check the assembly area if it is wet, then clean it for worrying-free printing.

Plus, clear the feeding area and clean it so that your sheets won’t get any marks. Now start feeding your 8 × 11 size vinyl sheets in the printer from the loading area. And keep in your mind to load the sheet with keeping its adhesive side up.

Keeping up the adhesive side will help you to print the sublimation ink on the non-adhesive side of the sheet. And it sometimes happens when you are not certainly confident your design to get it on the paper. For this problem, it is suggested to test a single print on the sheet.

It will help you to get the confidence to do the same or if you need some change. At the same time, the settings and functions of an inkjet printer are pretty straightforward and easy. In this printer, you just have to attach it to the computer or laptop to get the navigations on the screen.

Print The Design

Straight away, navigate and locate the printing option from your document to press the print button. So if you are looking to print multiple copies, then you can change it from the printer’s settings. While if your vinyl isn’t working properly with the printer, then it’s a setting problem.

In this situation, you have to go through the settings and change them for pure results.


Almost any inkjet printer works well for printing on vinyl. And to get the best results, you must choose the right kind of vinyl. Further, printing on vinyl should be done on a material that is print receptive.

Printers and ink types that are accepted for inkjet printer vinyl vary widely. Inkjet printable vinyl is most commonly produced by HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother printers. Your printer will accept the printable vinyl flawlessly as long as it uses pigmented or dye-based inks (not eco-solvent).

We don’t usually cut vinyl and iron-on vinyl the same way as with print and cut. Using a Cricut Explore Air or Cricut Maker requires the use of a printer. And you can imagine that it does not actually print on the Cricut.

The basics of cutting and cutting silhouette vinyl. Electronic cutting machines are not necessary for vinyl cutting. Cutting vinyl by hand with scissors or a craft knife is always an option. The most preferred vinyl project was entirely cut by hand so that it gives you the perfect measurement.

Crafts and home decor can be easily accomplished with this vinyl! Cricut machines are required for use. There is one 12×48-inch permanent vinyl roll in this package.


In how to print on vinyl, we have discussed the printing method of inkjet printers. At the same time, other printers feature almost the same procedure. Thus learn these simple and straightforward steps for printing on vinyl sheets. So you can go through the printing process without any hassle.

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