How To Sublimate Designs On Neoprene Car Coasters

Sublimate Designs On Neoprene car coasters are solid pieces that are designed with neoprene material, and they have a polyester layer on them. These materials are actually used in construction to keep you away from water dripping. Since these materials are the best water absorbing agents in the market, they prevent water from dripping pretty easily.

In this article, we are going to discuss the method where we elaborate the blank neoprene sublimation method. Also, we will discuss some of the precautions and recommendations in the following article. the following article is the most asked question these days. So, the detail down will help you to do the whole process with greater simplicity.


How To Sublimate Designs On Neoprene Car Coasters

Neoprene car coasters are solid pieces that are designed with neoprene material, and they have a polyester layer on them. These materials are actually used in construction to keep you away from water dripping. Since these materials are the best water absorbing agents in the market, they prevent water from dripping pretty easily.

So let’s get deep into the points of the sublimation process with neoprene.

Pressing These Coasters

Neoprene is actually synthetic rubber, so when you open its pack, it gives a rubbery smell. When doing this business on a professional level, you can get complaints about the bad odor. So you must find an alternative to reduce the smell to almost zero percent.


Ventilation asks to do it in a wide room that has a good ventilation system. On the other hand, if you are not convenient with the rubbery smell, we recommend you to wear the mask for comfy working.


Curling and cupping depend on the temperature or humidity of the room. It is not necessary to follow it when after doing your press method. So when completing the press, sometimes your neoprene coaster starts curling. This ain’t be a problem if you immediately put a heavyweight book on the top right after pressing.

As a result, your coaster will get the nice shape that it has in the past.

Sublimating The Design On The Following Coasters

In a minimized way, the main thing you should follow on the sublimation of the car coaster is to keep the temperature pressure in mind. The recommendation for this process is to keep the temperature to 385-400 Fahrenheit. It may set some invisible dust particles on the cat coaster, but you can clean them with the lint roller.

Follow on, pre-press the car coaster for almost ten to twelve seconds with the light pressure now. Then, roll the lint again on the sublimation paper because it should remain clean before putting the design on. Now let us describe complete steps on the sublimation process to get better results.

Heat Press Working

A good heat press machine is the main and very important step of this whole process. If you perform this method finely, you can move with durability to the last step. But if you haven’t done this properly, then your sublimation process won’t be a reliable and everlasting process.

First of all, check the prescriptions of your heat-press, if it can work properly with the temperature. If you are familiar with the working of your press, you can put more car coasters in a single time to get the design. While if you had bought a new press machine, then putting more coasters ain’t a good choice.

That is the reason why the professionals have recommended that beginners put a single-car coaster in the machine. Then check the result; if it is clear and positive, then load more and more as your choice says.

Then take a mist of adhesive spray or the heat press tape to put on it. The best choice is to use the spray adhesive for this heating process since it is completely reliable with the presses.


  • Firstly; take the following design in your hands over a lined garbage pal. After that, apply the adhesive spray on the face side of the sublimation design very lightly, just to set it on the design’s face. Then move this design paper that is sprayed with the adhesive onto a flat surface area
  • Further on, place the sublimation blank car coaster down on this down with pressing it softly. Also, it is recommended to keep the pressing power light; otherwise, it can damage the design’s quality. On the other hand, if you don’t have spray adhesive at that time, you can easily get the heat press tape to secure the blank side.
  • Then get the clean blowout paper and put it in the bottom of your working area. Get the working car coaster on this blowout paper with facing the design on the downside. Then cover this design in this paper and press it in the machine for almost fifty seconds at medium heat pressure.

Checking Process

  • Firstly, you should have to follow the cautions of doing this heat press. As you know, this process has an engagement of heat, so you must wear heat-resistant gloves. Then move on to the checking process without worrying about any heat damage.
  • The checking process is pretty straightforward, where you have to remove the top piece of blowout paper. Then put one of your fingers at the center position of the following car coaster to press it down firmly. Carefully move your finger to the corner to find if it is okay or not with the design.
  • One way, if the design is set clearly, then remove the coaster from the heat press. Otherwise, cover it again with the blowout paper and put it back in the press machine. Then wait for the right timing to get the car coaster out from the machine without further confirmation.

Last Steps

Sometimes we face curling and cupping of the coaster during the cooling process. It can be a bruise for the quality and also for setting the design right on the slot. That is why the professional has recommended getting a heavy book or something with exceptional weight to put on the coaster.

It is also very simple, and it asks no hassles to get done. You only have to put the heavy book or any other heavy solid thing on the face of the coaster that has a flat downside. On the other hand, the process gets creative with your wrapping and does something catchy to get more sales with extra profit.

All in all, the best recommendation is to be as creative as possible when designing car coasters. Creativity is the most appreciated thing in the market, and people buy the stuff with creation the most. Make some unique arrangements on your car coaster so that it can become the sensation market.

Some Recommendations For The Beginners

Beginners should be easy and comfy while doing the sublimation because it is a work of care. So, first of all, beginners don’t have to do border designing on these coasters because it is pretty challenging to line up. Also, it asks for more care, and as beginners aren’t familiar, they can’t do it properly.

Secondly, don’t print those designs that have a money-like shape. Even it is for a fun purpose because it can become a problem in some scenarios. Morely, beginners are recommended not to print small prints on these coasters unless it is a part of the design. But, it is hardly restricted to avoid a separate small or fine print.


The sublimation cardboard coasters from BestSub make maintaining tabletops appealing simple. In addition, when it comes to featuring high-quality cardboard and cork, these coasters will keep your tabletops looking good. Furthermore, sublimation printing adds life to your art by bringing it to life on the coasters’ surfaces.

Sublimation film manufacturers and thin-film manufacturers are one and the same thing. They are based on the lower melting point of the product. You may have to drop the temperature down to 350°F / 175°C when working with soft products.

Yes, car coasters are worth buying as they absorb spills and condensation on your glasses. So they are the perfect accessory for your car. Further, you can get a cup, mug, or cover that prevents your cup holder from getting wet, sticky, gooey, or scratched. In addition, taking this step now can save you a lot of headaches in the future. Moreover, car cup holders are notorious for storing spills that are hard to remove.

The time limit for pressing a neoprene koozie with a heat press or iron is 10 seconds maximum. Try not to exceed this time limit, as it will destroy the very core of your fabric. Further, the neoprene used in koozies can be sensitive to heat, just like nylon. And it won’t melt like nylon, and it will become scorched and distorted.

For Infusible Ink on ceramic coasters, the time and temperature are 400° for 240 seconds according to Cricut’s Heat Settings Guide. Moreover, this allows the heat to penetrate through the coasters and sublimate the transfer sheet, appearing on the coaster.

Final words

In how to sublimate designs on neoprene car coasters, we have discussed each point regarding the method. Now you can easily do your printing on the coasters that are made with neoprene. But, you should follow these steps straightly to get better consequents.

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