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STAHLS HOTRONIX Auto-Open Clam 16×20 Heat Press

This Stahls Hotronix machine has been phenomenal throughout the years for a brilliant performance. Professionals are using it and recommend other buyers to get exciting features of this mug heat press machine. Basically, this machine is helping to ease the method of pressing with many more functions to give you convenience at every step.

This easy working machine leads you to an environment-friendly scenario. Further on, this machine is very easy and comfy with changing the platen without taking extra time. At the same time, it is known as a space-saving device to give you storage convenience.

So without wasting further time, let’s haste this heat press machine more deeply.

Temperature Range

Everyone knows heat varies with the change of temperature, so this machine comes with some temperature range. It is because every material has its own thickness and specification. And every material is impossible to heat press with the same temperature for better results.

This problem is not going to happen anymore because this machine can let you heat press every material. Surprisingly this Stahls Hotronix heat press machine has a temperature range of up to 400 Fahrenheit. So whatever you are heat pressing or how thicker it is, you can efficiently heat press with this machine.

Scratch-Resistant Coating

Now you don’t have to put any coating or layer something protective on the plate of this best heat press machine. It is because this machine already has a scratch-free coating named Teflon coating. This coating is a great setback to protect your device to the last moment.

The main work of this coating is to protect your machine’s plate from damage. First of all, it restricts every scratch aspect and keeps your machine looking the same. All in all, it increases the durability of the machine and increases its lifespan.

Lightning Latch

We have seen ordinary heat press machines take extra time to change the lower platen, and it is since they are tightly gripped, and they are no longer smooth to remove quickly. That is the reason why their platen’s change process takes a while and makes it hassling.

But this time you don’t have to worry about changing the lower platen of the following machine. It is since this heat press Stahls features an exclusive lightning latch that is solving your issue. Compared with ordinary machines, this one with a lightning latch takes 15 seconds to change that lower platen.

Lasting Performance

When you are doing heat pressing on a commercial level or when you are running a business. Then you need a durable or resilient mug heat pressing machine that can last a long time to give you heavy-duty. On that note, the manufacturer of the following machine uses the topmost material in construction.

This material is gradually increasing the life of your heat pressing. So you can work on challenging projects with this machine without worrying about the quality of the device. Since its quality can last a lifetime if you use it with proper care. Even it can work for years if you use it with a free hand.


Lightweight is something that provides facilities at every step for the users. It is since heavyweight machines are pretty tough to handle. Also well they are not convenient to carry on a voyage or travel, and even they require more hands for the transfer and setup method.

On the whole, heavyweight machines sometimes become hassling, regardless of the performance. But this Stahls Hotronix machine is coming in lightweight construction. Now you don’t have to bother someone else to carry this machine with you for the setup.

Compact And Portable

This excellent quality machine is coming in a small size to proffer you more facilities. As we know, a large size machine is pretty challenging to handle because of its increased dimensions and weight. Even you can not store it in a small place or even carry it on a voyage easily.

And the following machine features a compact size construction to give you convenience. Now you don’t have to watch for extra space for the storage. As well this machine doesn’t need a larger area for the setup. Thus, it would help carry and store if you buy this machine.

Auto-Sleep Mode

Here we have auto-sleeping software built-in in this mini heat press machine. So that you don’t have to turn it off by own without any hassle. Mainly, this sleeping process happens when you complete the heat pressing process and save your time.


Most of the heat pressing machines are challenging to clean because of their complex construction. And they don’t have a wide-open function so that you can clean them. On the whole, your machine becomes dusty, rusty, and old when it can’t get a proper cleaning.

But as long as you are with the following machine, your cleaning will be easier. It is because this Stahls heat press machine has a wide opening format, and it offers you complete cleaning. So you can take any useless piece of cloth to clean it. At the same time, it provides leveled surface for smooth cleaning, which takes less time.

Time Setting

Time setting is essential if you want to heat press the material for better results. Since you can imagine the durability and finishing of your fabric with setting or watching the time. That is the reason why the manufacture has built a time selecting the option in this machine.


Navigation is the most important thing that a user has to learn for easy use. If you are not convenient with performing functions of the machine, then you can not get high-class pressing results. Thus the manufacturers have looked at this problem, and they have provided easy navigations.

This heat press Stahls machine has a built-in screen on the front side with the most uncomplicated navigation. All the functions are written on the panel, and they have buttons to set them. Surprisingly, the on and off switches are pretty smooth to handle; they don’t need extra power for pushing.


The manufacturing, quality, and performance are worth the price of the machine. But the company is providing convenience at every step, and they are renowned for their best customer service. So they are providing warranties with this one of the best Stahls heat press machines.

In this set, the heat block comes with a lifetime warranty. And the other materials and products are featured with from 1 to 5 year warranty period. Hence, if you get any problem regarding machine’s quality and manufacturing, you can consult the company.


  • Weight: 96 pounds
  • Colour: Grey
  • Manufacturer: Stahls
  • Approvement: UL, ULC, CE, ROHS approved
  • Heating block warranty: Lifetime
  • Casting and weld’s warranty: 5 years
  • Electronics warranty: 2 year
  • Parts Warranty: 1 year
  • Higher temperature range
  • Design should be improved

STAHLS HOTRONIX Auto-Open Clam 16×20 Heat Press

STAHLS HOTRONIX Auto-Open Clam 16x20 Heat Press
8.5/10 Our Score


  • Color: Grey
  • Weight: 96 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Stahls

This Stahls Hotronix machine has been phenomenal throughout the years for a brilliant performance.


Designed specifically for Heat Print TechnologyTM, Hotronix heat presses are manufactured in the USA. As a leading manufacturer of heat presses and accessories since the 1980s. Hotronix has gone above and beyond to remove the guesswork from heat application.

The upper platen should now be lowered and locked in place. A heat press with a pressure display will indicate the temperature setting. Generally speaking, Hotronix settings range from 1-3 light, 4-6 medium, and 7-9 firm.

With a heat press, a heat transfer is permanently applied to a surface. And the Heat Press ensures the perfect application of heat transfers by ensuring the right time, temperature, and pressure, which are all crucial factors of the transfer process.

The heat press should be unplugged and powered off. Replace wire 1 on terminal port 1 of the solid-state relay. This indicates that the heating element is defective if it doesn’t heat up during this time. There could be a loose wire, or you may have to replace the heating element itself.

You can apply heat transfer vinyl with a household iron. Heat presses are easier and faster, but a household iron can produce a quality press if used properly. And you want to apply your HTV by using a heat press, not by ironing like you would a shirt.


This Stahls Hotronix machine has been flawless with the heat pressing process, and it keeps you facilitated at every step. While the drawbacks are minimized, and they are almost one percent in a hundred. Further on, this machine is an entirely comfy package for easy heat pressing.

The price is affordable and unbelievable with that many facilities. Plus, the construction has been durable and sturdy in every scenario. So we recommend you to buy the following machine for sure to have high-quality press without any effort.

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