Sublimation On Cotton Guide Updated 2022

Sublimation on cotton guide is possible now with the modern technology of printers. The type of ink and a particular type of paper has made this method accurate. This new technique is worldwide famous. Now you can design your garments and can also start a business with this process.

Cotton sublimation can change a boring article into an exciting one. There are countless options for designing cotton items. This technology makes it easy to start a small business at home with a prosperous future.

Sublimation On Cotton Guide

Sublimation on Cotton Guide technique is worldwide famous. Now you can design your garments and can also start a business with this process.

The process of sublimating any items or articles is quite simple. Moreover, several sublimation printers and markers are available in the market for imprinting various styles on cotton.

Cotton- A Leading Choice For Sublimation

Cotton is the foremost choice for sublimation because of the unique texture of cotton. It is very soft, breathable, and comfortable for many people to wear. This natural fiber will make it best for wearing.

In What Way Sublimation On Cotton Is Done?

The process of sublimation on cotton is similar to synthetic fiber. A particular type of paper is necessary for printing. This method is just like printing any pattern with a sublimation printer. The ink will not directly stick to the outfit. Firstly, apply heat pressure on a paper and then adhere it to the garment. This paper has a unique layer of polyester coat that makes this process possible. It also makes the best color degradation on the garments.

Method Of Sublimation

Following are some steps for sublimation.

  • Create Design Style:

Choose the best appropriate product for heat transfer vinyl. There are various products for sublimation but select them according to your pattern style and features. You can also make your masterpiece and can also take it from any PNG or SVG setup. There are several options for designs. You can take images from Pinterest, Etsy and can search them from google for free illustration designs likewise.

  • Development Of The Patterns:

Some directions lead to sublimation. Make sure to use vibrant colors that will appear beautiful on the artificial fabric. For quality intentions, use the PNG layout because it is the best format to achieve excellent outcomes. This setup with 150% CMYK will appear the same design on the outfits as on the screen.

  • Time:

Value of time is essential for printing. When to print? Place the transfer sheet; time consumption is compulsory for the design to stick on the garments. Arrange the pattern and then submit it to the printer. And don’t forget to place sublimation paper in the specified location. Of course, wait for the printing and pull out this pattern to continue. This design will come out wet. Moreover, make sure that it will not dry out.

How To Press?

Firstly, press the garment for at least 30 seconds on which sublimation will take place. Then place the silicone sheet on the paper with the design and press it on the outfit. After this step, press with a printer at a specific temperature. For an excellent result, place it for 30 seconds and then peel off the paper. That is why pressing or heating the fabric before applying the design is essential.

For Reliable Finishing

This step for sublimation on cotton guide is optional but is the best way to make the design more precise. Again, press the paper with a matte finish for 30 seconds. This way, it will make the design resistant to several washes. It will not only give you a durable result but an outstanding result on the garments.

Sublimation Inks

Apart from this process, what type of ink works best on cotton is also important to understand. Reactive inks are commonly nearly new for cotton sublimation. It is the best inks that will achieve a quality result for the objects. This ink will also stand the same even after several washes. Printing on inks is a supreme application for using reactive inks.

Tips For Excellent Sublimations

Following are some admirable tips for cotton sublimation.

  • Choose an accurate side of the transfer paper sheet.
  • Pre-press and pre-heat the cloth material on which sublimation will take place.
  • Pre-heating the cloth will give better results.
  • Carefully check the transfer paper that it is not sticky or moist.
  • Prepare all necessary materials before sublimation.
  • Avoid outlines for incredible results.
  • Lastly, make sure the orientation of the paper on the design is accurate.

Sublimation On 100% Cotton

Nowadays, sublimation on a 100% cotton shirt has also become very easy. For this purpose, an unusual spray is nearly new for transferring a plain outfit into an amazing one with colorful and unique colors. This spray is known as Poly T Plus. The addition of polyester to the synthetic fiber will give a better result. That is why. This spray has a coating of polyester that will make the designs stick to the garments. The outcomes of using this spray on the outfits are exceptional.

Different Products For Sublimation

Siser Easysubli:

One of the great products for sublimation on a cotton garment is easysubli. Easy-Subli possesses a thick layer of polyvinyl chloride heat transfer. This product has a unique element that makes the garment attractive and cool.

Forever Subli-Light:

This product works amazing with illustration pictures, in addition, to vibrant and bold colors. The layer of sublime light is thin and makes long-lasting patterns. Moreover, it works best for light fabrics. Both forever and easysubli are great options for imprinting on cotton.

Forever Subli-Flex 202:

Forever Subli-Flex 202 combines unbreakable and energetic colors to achieve the best result. This product makes the garment’s stretching ability better. That is why it stands out as the leading product for washing ability.

Chroma Blast:

It is the best HD product that gives remarkable definitions to garments. The imprinting of the images on the garment has now become easy with the use of chroma blast. This chroma blast has now made the art of digital printing the next level.

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl:

Make sure before buying any product for cotton sublimation that it must have polyester content on it. Synthetic fiber is compulsory for imprinting any design on cotton. As many people do not have printers at home, sublimation markers are the best way to use them as printers. This glitter vinyl will work for both printers and markers the same. Additionally, it also has fuzzy PVC that works best with the sublimation printer.


Cotton is not an excellent material for sublimation purposes. It is because the sublimation inks do not bind with the natural fibers. That is why cotton is not nearly new for dye-sublimation inks. Instead, when you sublimate, you will find that the colors of the designs on the cotton wash away easily. There is no permanent bonding of fibers with inks. Therefore, a transfer paper sheet with a layer of silicon is applicable for cotton sublimation.


Subli-Flex 202 is a cold peel transfer paper with sublimation inks that can be used with sublimation printers AND regular ink-jet printers with sublimation inks. This type of substrate is suitable for letters, numbers, and logos that need photo-realism and a matte or glossy finish.

The answer to Sublimation on Cotton Guide is yes if you want to sublimate a print onto 65% polyester, 35% cotton. The print paper contains disperse dyes, which will only react with the polyester fibers in the blend. Because it won’t be on the cotton material, the color will appear 35% weaker.

It depends on the quality of the printer. If the printer is high quality, it will last ten years.

No, it’s still the same. Polymers and polyester are chemically bonded with sublimation, not with cotton. However, this does not mean cotton cannot be sublimated.

Final Remarks

Sublimation on cotton guide is quite a simple method to apply, just like other sublimations. The difference is in the transfer sheet utilize in this cotton sublimation. Cotton is the most comfortable fabric, and now you can also make patterns on it with the help of this printing process. It is the fastest way of imprinting outfits. Moreover, this sublimation technique provides more business opportunities to start over.

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