Sublimation Phone Cases

Mobile phones are the best inventible part of our lives, and they have taken a necessary place throughout the past thirty years. They have been providing social information and many more. So, you need security for them that is known as a phone case. But isn’t it boring to have a casual phone case? That is why we are elaborating on some steps on sublimation phone cases in this article. This article will help you to sublimate the desired design and print it on the phone cases. So, let’s haste into the article to find so that you can find the easiest way on sublimation phone cases.

Sublimation Phone Cases

When it comes to the case that protects the phone and also reflects your personality, there’s nothing better than Sublimation phone cases!

Stylish yet affordable iphone cases with super cool sublimation printing.

Materials You Need

Sublimation on phone cases doesn’t require a lot of equipment. It provides convenience at every step, and you have to get four pieces of equipment for a starter package. As well, they are not expensive, and you can get them at an affordable price.

The required materials are as follows in the list, and their definitions are described below.

Blank Phone Cases

This sublimation process requires a blank phone case that is compatible with sublimation. As well, buy a blank case of the following phone model so that it remains fit with your phone. It is not challenging to purchase a blank phone case from the phone market, but it would be better if you get this from online stores.

It is because online stores are bringing the most trusty and reliable phone cases in the blank. On the other side, you shouldn’t be buying a blank phone case with more polyethylene components.

Sublimation Printer

A sublimation printer is one of the necessary products required for the phone case sublimation process. You need a best sublimation printer if you want to get high-quality prints and designs on your phone cases. It would help if you found a printer that can go with more excellent color contrast and high-definition prints.

On that note, the professionals recommend buying sawgrass and Epson printers because they are renowned for high-quality performance.

Sublimation Inks And Papers

Sublimation inks are not workable with every printer, so you need a compatible ink with the bought printer. Otherwise, other inks will not work with your printers, and if they work, the quality will lack. The recommended inks are thermoplastic for sublimating the phone cases.

On the other hand, you also need best sublimation papers to print the perfect color of ink. And it can only happen if you get the paper from the same company that can allow the ink.

Heating Press Machine

When you are done with the printing process, you need a best heat press machine to paste your print on the phone case. So you have to buy it from the market because it has many durable press machines. Also, you can look on the internet since many trusted sites can provide you with the best machine.

But you have to buy one that is adjustable with temperature and pressure settings. It is since every phone blank doesn’t print the design on the same heat. You may need changing in the temp and sometimes in the pressure. Plus, it would help you more if the heat press machine is giving time settings as well.

Printing Process

The sublimation phone cases are the same process as you have followed in t-shirts sublimation printing. But, there is a little twist you should learn to print on cases with perfection. So these are the steps you have to follow to get your custom or desired design on the blank phone case.

Step one

First of all, you need a unique paper that is compatible with sublimation printing. Secondly, you need thermoplastic ink so that you can print your designs on paper. Plus, keep in mind to get the ink that is workable with your release paper.

Step Two

After getting these things, you have to carefully get the thermoplastic ink design on the release paper with your sublimation printer. As we have recommended, you should obtain a printer that is compatible with both ink and paper.

Step Three

Then bring the release paper to the working site near the press machine. After this, place this paper on the blank phone case with put it in the heat press machine in the right direction. Then set the temperature to a high rate with increasing the pressure for a short time.

The increase of temperature and pressure is suggested because the thermoplastic ink requires this condition. When you subject different temperatures and pressure with this type of ink, it adheres to the molecule of designs more firmly on the phone case. As well, it leaves no chances of falling of the designs and prints.

Fourth And Final Step

After doing the heat press machine process, immediately take the phone case out of it. It is because a bit more temperature and pressure can become a bruise for your phone case as well for the design. Then take it to cool it down to room temperature for better results.

Once the phone case is cooled at the proper room temperature, just remove the release paper from it. Doing all these processes will give you the custom design on your blank phone case. Furtherly, performing these steps take less time and offer significant consequences.

On the other side, these steps will provide you with fade-free, shrink-free, and permanent designs. As well, the designs you get through these steps are more prominent and vibrant in colors.

Websites To Get The Blank Phone Cases

The phone case is a must thing to do this sublimation process. So you need a durable and reliable phone case for your phone to perform these sublimation steps. On that note, many websites are selling best blanks in which include phone cases. Thus the top websites are as follows.

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Bestsub
  • Sublime


Yes, obviously, you can sublimate on a phone case. It is not a challenging process, and it is the same as we do in t-shirt printing. Morely, it is not expensive, and it doesn’t need extra equipment.

Sublimation on phone cases doesn’t ask for several products to start the process. As we have discussed above, this sublimation only needs five necessary products so that you can begin to sublimation. These products include a blank phone case, a printer, a heat press machine, ink, and papers.

The professionals suggest 400 degrees Fahrenheit to sublimate the phone case and even for every sublimating product. But, you can also change it since it is not necessary to set it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If the blank phone case is thicker, you can increase the temperature to get the results quickly.

Final Verdicts

Here we have a big elaboration on the sublimation phone cases where you can find the complete information. We have discussed the required equipment, methods, and specification so that you find it easy. Also, reading this article will help you find new ideas on getting more designs with durability.

All in all, these methods will ease your blank phone cases sublimation process. Plus, these methods and steps don’t take much time, and as well, they don’t cost extra money. Surprisingly, all of these steps are fully friendly to the environment, and they are not a bruise for your health.

So if you are looking to design your phone cases with a new style design, you must read this article.

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