Sublimation T-Shirt Printing Guide|Updated 2022|

Are you in the sublimation business and looking for a sublimation T-shirt printing guide with all the basic aspects? Transferal imprinting is the best method to print motifs on T-shirts. Sublimation imprinting delivers splendid outcomes on your product with an exceptional visual impact. You can start your t-shirt printing business with very less investment.

Thus, we can say that sublimation T-shirt printing is a method in which the style first imprints onto the paper and then to the polyester type stuff. The toner using in this technique is fiery till it appropriately splits into the material. The designs which imprint in this excellent technique are long-lasting.

Dye-sublimation imprinting uses dye-based toner. This toner then converts into gas when heating at a high temperature. The high temperature and pressure cause the toner to convert from solid to gas state and again solid. The gas becomes part of the material in the technique.

What Is T-Shirt Sublimation Silk-Screening?

Sublimation imprinting on T-shirts is a fantastic method of printing beautiful motifs on the T-shirts. Select a blank white T-shirt and print according to your choice. In this tremendous imprinting technique, first, the motif prints onto the sheet and after that on polyester type material. The toner used in the printing process is split into the pores and, an eye-catching design gets accomplished in the result. If the worth of the imprinter is good, then designs stay lengthier.

Essential Equipment For T-Shirt Printing:

Before starting your printing process, some necessary apparatuses, including a heat press, transferal imprinter, motifs software, transferal toner, and T-shirts, should be present. Place your T-shirts at a proper place and start your silk-screening method. The heat press machine is comparatively expensive but imprints designs using heat and pressure to disintegrate ink properly on fabric.

Sublimation T-Shirt Printing Process:

You can imprint designs on T-shirts by the dye-sublimation process. The procedure of sublimation imprinting includes specific points, which are:

  • Select The Design:

When you start silk-screening on T-shirts, first you should draw a proper design for it. Consider different T-shirt style software which recommends designs of your choice.

  • Imprints Design On Paper:

After selecting a motif, copy it on sublimation paper. A decent imprinting machine, sheet, and toner are necessary for excellent outcomes.

  • Transmission Of The Motif From Paper To T-Shirt:

After imprinting on paper, use a heat press machine to relocate the motif onto the T-shirt. The main advantage of using this heat press machine is that the toner is properly spilled into the fabric. Then, you have an excellent design with lively and enduring colors.

Now, take off the sheet from your T-shirt. If all the steps are done properly, then you can get impressive outcomes.

Tips For Transferal Imprinting

The outcomes depend on the type of material you use for silk screening. The stuff of the T-shirt should consider before dye-sublimation. If you’re looking for a thorough sublimation T-shirt printing guide, polyester is the best selection. Moreover, you choose polyester material in this printing technique because it comprises specific pores. The toner can easily split into openings and give extraordinary results.

Many other kinds of stuff can also use for sublimation imprinting, e.g., Porcelains, polyester-cover aluminum, Polyvinyl Chloride, and polymer. However, we prefer snowy or bright shirts for excellent results. The Dull color shirt cannot show proper outcomes.

Note: Sublimation imprinting is not the best option for cotton T-shirts because; cotton stuff doesn’t comprise pores for the moral disintegration of toner.

Guidelines For Sublimation T-Shirt Imprinting

Before the printing process, you should consider certain tips for excellent results. Following are some guidelines that should follow before the dye-sublimation technique:

Heat-Defiant Gloves And Belt

The sublimation imprinting technique completes at a greater extent of heat. This extraordinary hotness can cause damages and difficulties. To elude from these harms while printing T-shirts, use heat-resistant ornaments.

Heat-resistant belts are also compulsory to avoid such problems. These tapes help to room the sheet in place and also lessen ghosting and snowy folds. Also, make sure you have chosen the right variant of design for the procedure.

Imprint Bigger Motifs

Sublimation printing is an easy technique for imprinting designs on T-shirts. An important tip for printing is that print larger designs on your T-shirt. The motif should be greater than the T-shirt so that there will be no extra blank space left behind. If we print, bigger motifs then this problem can easily solve.

Practice RIP Software

RIP software helps to see the actual colors of the designs. When you print motifs on your T-shirt on your computer, you can understand them in the Red, Green, and Blue types. However, once silk screening completes, you’ll see it in a CMYK manner. So, first, consider RIP software before starting the printing technique.

The Top 5 Empty T-Shirts For Silk-Screening

As discussed before, the quality of the product is important for extraordinary outcomes. There are top five different T-shirts for printing designs on it. The most widespread top blank T-shirts for printing are:

  1. Gildan:

e best quality product to print motifs on it. The results are extraordinary and provide the best colors and material while using Gildan. In addition, when you print designs on T-shirts, it offers the best quality. They rinse the clothes fine before starting the process.

Furthermore, the name of the brand is enough to convince the customers towards them. The product label upsurges the worth and amount of T-shirts. The best T-shirt from Gildan is G500 (100% cotton), and G420 (100% polyester).

  • Bella + Canvas:

Bella + Canvas delivers boundless excellence to Gildan when you consider the element of smoothness. It provides the best quality T-shirts at a reasonable price. This brand is exploring new decent T-shirts styles. The colors and quality of motifs are also extraordinary.

The highest marketing T-shirts are 3001 unisex and 6004 females blouses. The excellence of these shirts is smooth and remarkable.

  • Next Level Kit:

The name is because it mainly offers athletic clothing products. The main focus of this brand is on ladies’ outfits. In addition, the T-shirts N6210 and N3600 are the best products. They are different from other variants because they do not deliver proper cuts and forms.

  • Hanes:

This T-shirt brand is trustworthy for over the past 100 years. But, it doesn’t comprise the most advanced features. It delivers diverse T-shirt elegances. The qualities of the T-shirts are eminent, but they are a bit expensive. The best seller T-shirt regarding this is 5180, and 5280. It also provides smooth and high-quality results.


They mainly deliver high-quality hooded shirts. The stuff is smooth and affordable. The material of clothes is great, on which you can print motifs easily. Withal, the best-selling shirts of JERZEES are 29M and 21M. They mainly deal with sporting and competitor shirts.

While in silk-screening technique, financial plan and kind of motifs are essential to consider. It will help if you consider white shirts for printing designs so that toner is easily spilled onto the fabric. Moreover, to make patterns on T-shirts, first, discover your aim. Then, select a blank T-shirt and print the motif on it. After that, make a proper perception of design, produce a motif replica and then decide the relatable method for printing.


Compared to heat transfer vinyl, sublimation printing is more expensive at the start-up but maybe a better option in the end. A sublimation printer, heat press machine, sublimation paper, and blank attire are necessary for sublimation printing to take place.

Sublimation printer is designed for home and professional use, and dye-sublimation printers range from $300 to $600. The price depends on the size, brand, and features. If you need a printer for a large project, then it can cost up to $10,000.

Polyester and PVC are suitable materials for sublimation. The aluminum sheets coated in polyester or ceramic tiles or soft ones such as polyester-cotton textiles are hard to sublimate.

Sublimation occurs when a substance is transferred directly from the solid to the gaseous state without transitioning through a liquid form. Sublimation can also be reversed through deposition or de-sublimation, in which a gaseous substance converts into a solid.

Final Remarks

We can sum up by saying the sublimation T-shirt printing guide delivers all essential aspects before starting the silk-screening technique. Sublimation printing is the best option to get high-quality colors and illustrations. Additionally, this method offers charming, soft, and fashionable designs of T-shirts.

Dye-sublimation is mainly working for printing designs on T-shirts. Polyester-type material is good for sublimation printing. You can print desirable motifs on your T-shirt and gain excellent outcomes.

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