Top 5 Best Shirt Printing Methods

We are bringing the top 5 best shirt printing methods for your convenience in printing. Printing on a t-shirt is the central theme of printing. If the printing is not durable and long-lasting, you may see some of the harmful consequences by the customers. Also, ordinary printing can be a bruise and damaging for the t-shirts.

These damages may occur in the shape of some graphic stains and less durable constructions of the prints. Ordinary printing also relates to the washing effection because fade prints come off the shirt very quickly. All in all, ordinary printing can destroy your shirts and the money you have used.

Top 5 Best Shirt Printing Methods

If you want to put classical, versatile, and durable printing then, take your attention here. Also, If you want to do shirt printing commercially, are you looking to start making a shirt selling company? Then have a look at these top selected methods to find the facilitated and convenient way for you.

Some printing methods are recommended for a specific fabric, so you must choose a particular fabric to print. Digital technology these days has enhanced shirt printing technology with many versatile methods. But the old printing styles are as versatile as they are in the past.

Let us describe the best method side by side so that you can learn better with every method. As a result, you can create the best designs you want to sell as soon as possible.

Shirt Printing Methods

Here we are elaborating the five top-notch methods that feature the best quality printing. As well, they are bringing the most numbered pros to form ordinary methods. Also, these methods provide you extraordinary convenience at every step. So let’s get deep information on these methods to get through your designs.

Screen Printing Method

This system is pretty known in the market for its facilities and durability for the prints. People have been using this method for the past centuries. These days peoples use both machinery and hands to do the screen printing reliably. So we are going to describe its popularity in the screen printing market.

Firstly, the most significant and paramount convenience provided by the screen printing method is the use of ink. This method uses thicker and paste-like ink for printing, while other methods use a thinner ink paste. This thicker ink specification leads to giving you long-lasting print on the shirt.

The colors of these methods are brighter, shinier, and prominent to the eyes when using high-quality best sublimation inks. On the other hand, using low-quality inks can fade the prints. So we can say that screen-printing is the best choice in all for high-volume printings.

Morely, this method doesn’t ask for ample space for printing so that you can print it easily at any sight. Surprisingly, one gallon of ink on screen printing can print about 250 shirts easily. That relates to the cost convenience and gives you the best prints in the low cast.

Moreover, screen printing is renowned for giving you vivid and bright colors on the shirt by absorbing them quickly. Also, creating a screen printing setup helps you print a bunch with the same durable design because of its blazing speed. Surprisingly, the best feature of many fabrics compatibility is coming with this printer.

DTG Printing Mechanism

This one of the top printing mechanisms is bringing an ink-jet system that helps to provide you bright, sharp, and durable color printing. As well the quality we get with this printing is pretty versatile. DTG is specially used in the market for artworks and designs that are pretty challenging in screen printing.

Furtherly, this printing system has the best opportunity for you to create a mixture of color printing designs. This machine is taking a considerable color allowance of multiple colors without giving any pause. If you want to print some of the t-shirts, choosing a DTG printing machine is better.

On that less t-shirt printing account, you have to put them in the machine, and the results will come quickly. While printing a few shirts on the screen-printing method is pretty hassling because you have to go through many steps.

Printing With The Heat Transfer

Heat transfer printing starts with laying sheets for transferring material on the top of the garment. Furthermore, this heating system is taken to the next level by pressing heat to apply permanent graphics on the garment materials. First, you have to print the graphic on the heat transfer paper you desire by solvent ink.

This solvent ink is helpful to transfer the graphic from the transfer paper to the t-shirt when it gets pressed. The central versatility of this printing system is that it works on any fabric. Also, it is convenient to use and doesn’t create any mess. As well, it asks for less maintenance compared to the other methods.

Dye-Sublimation Printing System

Dye sublimation is one of the top 5 best shirt printing methods for heating systems. The work of this system is to print the graphics first by digital method and then put the heat on them to transfer every particle of the dye to the shirt. This works differently from the other heating systems.

The dye-based ink takes the ink interaction in this system. This particular ink turns into a gas when you put heat on it. This happens because heat, pressure, and timing matter form the mechanism that makes it gas from the solid state. After that, when the printing comes to its final process, the gas becomes stable for the graphics.

In addition, in this type of printing, the ink becomes part of the shirt polyester. As a result, you get long-lasting, durable, and reliable printing. You can even wash the shirts without worrying about the quality. Morely, the printing you do with this method is breathable and feels kind of soft in hand.

Plastisol Transfer For Printing

This method is pretty similar to our first method that is known as screen printing. The difference, in this case, is that you have to use the ink-jet on the plastisol transfer paper. Then you have to use this durable plastisol paper that transfers the graphic with a heat press to take it on the shirt.

This method is the best choice for sellers and creators to use for low-rate cost printing. Many companies use this method because it is more convenient and comfortable to do the printing in all. So you can send shirts to the companies to get the best durable printing at low rates.

Moreover, the quality we get from this printing method is the same as you get in screen printing. Also, the most extensive flexibility with this system gives many color design printing on the same plastisol paper. As well, this method is primarily known for making no mess in the working area.

A better choice for choosing this printing method is that you can print a single t-shirt for checking the design. When you get some sales, you can join the printing with this mechanism with medium prescriptions. Furtherly, it works with many variants of color entirely and also with few color variants. This system also allows you to do various replacements of design on the same shirt.


T-shirt designers need solvent ink to create their designs, and ordering it from Amazon is a convenient and straightforward way to get it. Having as many colors as you need is crucial since you will be working with clients who have differing needs.

In the event that you would like to print just a few (1-5) T-shirts. And a blank shirt can also be loaded into a DTG Printing machine, which is also a great option. And these T-shirts can be printed directly onto them rather than going through a lengthy, back-breaking screen-printing procedure.

The Pima cotton fabric has long fibers, making it soft and the highest quality cotton money can buy. In addition to its durability, Pima cotton is also resistant to pilling, fading, and stretching. Pima cotton is also called Suima, but it is grown exclusively in the United States.

Fabric with a tri-blend blend is the softest. Blending three types of fibers creates a thin fabric that feels silky and light against the skin. Tri-blend fabrics typically contain 50% cotton, 25% polyester, and 25% rayon.

Gildan will be a better choice if you plan to buy in bulk. Hanes, however, is a good choice if you’re looking for quality. T-shirts from Hannes are heavy, although they are durable, and at the same time, they are comfortable too.

Final Words

These top 5 best shirt printing methods are here to elaborate an excellent choice for you. Learning all of these methods with great attention will give you help to produce shirt printing with convenience. Also, you will easily find the convenient and the most comfortable method that suits you.

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