Tumblers Sublimation

Tumblers sublimation is another addition to the field of sublimation printing. It is clear from the title of the article that we will discuss the tumbler sublimation. This sublimation is also leading many steps with easy prescriptions, as we get in simple sublimation printing.

As an indifferent sublimation product, we require a compatible or specific material to put the print on. Every tumbler will not work with this sublimation printing process, so you must choose a recommended one. So the recommended blanks are specialized with poly coating where you can design the prints.

Tumblers Sublimation

Tumblers sublimation is one of the best types of sublimation printing. It gives the tumblers a unique and classy look.

Empty tumblers are pretty hard to find in the market, so you have to search for them. But, you can find easily on some online stores with reasonable price. So we can say that this sublimation is some difficult and expensive than ordinary sublimation printing processes.

We are going to describe some methods in this sublimation case to ease your problems with printing.

Methods On Sublimation Printing

First of all, we are discussing what we have to apply to the tumbler for sublimation.

What To Apply On The Tumbler

You have to apply the ink or dye that is specified for the tumbler sublimation. But that is not restricted to put the print for permanent. You can even draw the design for temporary settlement. You can add many templates and prints from the online store at a very low rate.

The tumbler sublimation provides a bunch of ways to do the printing. You can choose whatever suits your need, desire, and as well works conveniently on the spot.

How To Press The Mug For Sublimation

To create sublimation tumbler printing, you must need a high consistent heat source. Some people use convection ovens for tumbler printing, but it costs extra to buy them separately. Also, it is a bit hassle to do the printing.

A circuit mug press is one of the best options to press the mug for the sublimation process. Furtherly, they are very convenient and easy to use.

How To Sublimate A Tumbler

This has brought many ways of printing where first we are elaborating on sublimation tumblers with printed sublimation sheets. This method requires a circuit mug press, skinny sublimation tumbler blanks, heat resistant tape, Teflon sheet, heat resistant gloves, and sublimation ink.

As well, sublimation printer, sublimation paper, and butcher paper are all included for this sublimation.

Applying Process

First, design whatever you want to put on your tumbler through your favorite software for sublimation design. Adobe illustrator or photoshop are the best choices for doing this printing mechanism. Open up the best software and manage the height circumference. If you have different size blanks, then you have to do more settlements.

After that, it will show you a blank template to put logos, designs, and prints of your desire. The main thing to remember is that you have to select the flip option if you are doing words and directional prints. It will keep the image start and right in position.

Then you can save this print in the PDF for high quality if you like it to print it in the sublimation printer. As it goes in the printer, take your sublimation paper to put that design on the paper.

How To Use Circuit Mug Press For Tumbler Sublimation

As we discuss the 20 oz skinny mugs, they are difficult to fit the circuit press. So it is recommended to wrap the Teflon sheet as much you need to fill the required space. The tumbler will get a good press if you fold Teflon sheets over it.

It is recommended to press each section for three minutes. Plus, it means the total time for the bottom half will be nine minutes and the other nine minutes for the top. So the total time consumes with the heat press is about eighteen minutes.

Some of the design is different. They don’t want complete press, so the time decreases gradually as the section decreases.

Tumbler Sublimation With Infusible Ink

Infusible ink is another thing that has been used for doing tumblers sublimation. It can be done through software and can be created using a square to add your designs. First, on this CDS software, turn the mirror setting on prepare screen is a must for this process.

Then cut the infusible ink transfer sheet out on the software you are working with. After cutting, you have to weed on the letters; it will make the printing letters white and blank. After that, you have to roll it on the tumbler precisely.

On the other hand, as we had discussed on Teflon paper working. So you have to put that paper according to the circuit mug press size to accommodate its position. The things that are going to happen next are discussed in the working of the circuit mug press. Work according to these steps and fully the press timing to get better prints.

Removal process

So, as you are done with the criteria of pressing and right timings of printing. After that, now is the turn to remove the tape and paper from the tumbler. It is the easiest process of all. But you have to take them off carefully because it may set something on the tumbler.


Infusible inks have no pattern, track, and seam, and it creates a line in the back when the pattern doesn’t line up. But if you want a uniform and precise appearance, you have to choose a seamless pattern.

Supplies For Making Tumbler Sublimation

Here are the supplies that are deemed necessary for making tumbler sublimation.

  • Blank Sublimation Tumbler
  • Sublimation Ink
  • Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets
  • Infusible Ink Pens
  • Artesprix Sublimation Markers
  • Sublimation Ink for Printing
  • Pre-Printed Sublimation Transfers
  • Heat Source
  • Cricut Mug Press
  • Tumbler Heat Press
  • Craft Oven
  • Sublimation Paper
  • Butcher Paper
  • Heat Resistant Tape

Sublimation For Tumblers

The market has grown this sublimation daily. Many buyers and professionals have joined this method to get the best products. This method has brought a reliable and long-lasting print bounding with a specific product. There is the fact that it is challenging and expensive from ordinary sublimation printings.

This tumbler method has some specific equipment that is a bit expensive than the other specific equipment. Also, it requires a special tumbler for the printing and should be blank so that you can print properly. The inks are expensive than ordinary sublimation inks but are affordable as well.

It is specially classified to sell high price products. So you can start your own tumbler sublimation company by buying every piece of equipment. It will help you to earn more money than the regular sublimation printed products.


No, this tumbler sublimation is specially introduced for tumbler blanks. No other material or element is compatible with these various steps. But, aluminum can be compatible with the normal sublimation process but with a different method.

Yes, the removal of ink is just easy as you are going to remove water drops. But first, you have to put this tumbler in an oven to give heat to the prints. Look when it is turning to be fade, then take it out. After that, you can easily remove the ink by using a cloth or towel. As a result, you will get an empty tumbler for another print.

To sublimate metal, you need a polyester coating on it first. You do not have to worry about breaking metal when sublimating on it if you are just getting started. Furthermore, metallic colors will appear differently than those printed on sublimation paper.

The tumblers you need for sublimation cannot be just any tumbler. Sublimation blanks are the same as those used in other projects. They contain a protective polymer coating that is heat-sensitive and interacts with the sublimation dye.

That’s not right! When a sublimation transfer has been used to print a tumbler, it does not need to be sealed. During the heating process, the sublimation ink embeds itself in the tumbler material.

The dishwasher is not recommended for stainless steel tumblers, unlike sublimation mugs. The stainless sublimation mugs should be hand washed.

It’s possible! In addition to glitter and Epoxy, you can also add Epoxy once your sublimated tumbler has cooled. In areas without any design, make sure you use clear glitter or opaque color glitter in order to avoid covering up your sublimated image.

Final Words

Tumblers sublimation is one of the best types of sublimation printing. It gives the tumblers a unique and classy look. As well the durability, reliability, and longevity of this sublimation are outstanding. We have talked about the versatilities and specifications of this method with many easy steps.

These simple and straightforward steps will help you to get through sublimation tumblers easily.

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