What Is A Dye-Sublimation Printer?

On what is a dye-sublimation printer we are bringing the most exciting and informative article. This article will help you learn the mechanism of the dye-sublimation printer as well as its functions. It is coming in the market with secret chemistry that gives you polyester and polyester resin-coated prints.

In the case of using a wide mat for an inkjet printer, it gives dye-sub inks prints on the paper. This ink is heat transferred from the paper to the paper using a heat press. At that point, the ink turns from a solid state to the gas for entering the fiber, known as sublimation.

So the polymers in the polyester bond quickly allow the graphics to get a place on their surface permanently. Compared to other materials, like vinyl and paper, this dye sublimation is pretty hassle-free. You can get better results with the easiest use and can get significant profits to throw it.

What Is A Dye-Sublimation Printer?

What is a dye-sublimation printer is the most asked question by the printing profession peoples. you can quickly get everything about printing with dye sublimation.

Top Versatilities

Let’s get into some of the top features of dye sublimation printing to know its versatility better.

Huge Variety Printing Options

As we have mentioned on the top that polyester and polyester resin-coated materials are the perfect partners for this dye sublimation printing. So we can say that the printing we do on these materials can last longer than the other materials. Also, washing is not a problem with these materials after printing.

The market is taking various sizes of these printers for a variety of customers. You can get the desired size machine to get things done with better consequences. Also, you can print a massive amount of printing stuff easily because the largest size of dye sublimation machines is also available.

Many types of materials and stuff are a pretty easy choice for printing with this method. A wide range of home decorations, sports, fashion, trade, and keepsake things comes with compatibility with printing in this dye sublimation method. So you can say that dye sublimation is the most versatile printing in all other methods.

What’s More?

First of all, talking about the home decors, this system approves many materials. Where pillows, window decors, upholstery, and tapestries are on the top of the list. Secondly, the sports accessories are not related to polyesters, which promotes sports apparel like jerseys in this list.

On the other hand, this dye sublimation is well-known in the fashion industry because of its many printing options. In this list, dresses, scarves, bathing suits, handbags, and ties are well-known for printing. Also, the fashion industry used to print them at first other than anything.

As well, we are getting trading and retail graphics options in this printing. Surprisingly, dye sublimation approves the backlit graphics for the printing on the trade side. This printing system also provides SEG the silicon edge graphics prints to support a special fabric specially for the silicon strip on the boundary.

On that account, you will get clean, clear, and long-lasting prints for the SEG. At last, these machines especially provide an allowance of solid products for the keepsake products, and it prints them with the same quality. The products in this list are mugs, pads, clipboards, license plates, and mobile cases.

Ink Using Prescriptions

It is a common thing when you are going to convert ink from paper to any fabric, and the ink must have to change its state into gas. We are getting a specific chemical process to change the graphic, requiring a specific ink. This ink for dye-sublimation printing is known as disperse dyes.

These dyes are specially designed to give them an exceptional quality of changing the state. So these dyes can easily change their solid-state into gaseous form to attach with the fabric easily and durably. On the other hand, the color particles of these dyes are pretty catchy to the eyes and glow.

We get some of the most catchy gamuts in these inks that beat color gamuts with their great shine. All in all, these dyes work for a permanent time and attach the fiber with great hold. So we can say that these dyes prints can last very long and gives durable working.

A Special Dye For Printing

While discussing what is a dye-sublimation printer we are bringing another point. As different printing methods have their specific appliances to do the printing. That is why this dye sublimation printing system comes with special accessories for printing. So this system use disperses dyes that work to print only on the transfer paper. Dye sublimation is growing well in the market.

That is why many companies have made top-quality dyes for dye sublimation printing. But we are going to recommend one of the high-class dyes so that you better choose. Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Wireless Color All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer is primarily known for best printing so that you can buy it for great results.

There are many more printers in the market you can choose the desired one that meets your needs.

Additional Equipment

Dye sublimation printer relies on the printer, but it also requires some equipment for complete working. If you don’t have every accessory, then the printer may become challenging and complex. But, having every gear will help you to get through the most uncomplicated process.

First of all, you need a heat press machine that can perform the work of giving pressure on the ink to make it gas. It is the most effective and important gear in all that gives the main work of the printing. Furthermore, these presses come in different sizes and weights so that you can choose the best one for you.

There are some of the few types of heat press like flatbed and calendar press. These have different functions from each other at a nominal rate. The flatbed press is used to do solid transfers. Also, these presses provide top-notch performance for the t-shirts that ask for all-over printings.

What’s More?

While calendar press uses electrical and heated drums to transfer the heat, these are especially renowned for soft material printing. Furthermore, they are best for high-volume printing. So you can choose both or a single by seeing your needs and working on getting added durability in printing.

On the other side, this printing also asks for cutting and sewing. So you need a scissor that can help you to give proper cutting of the fibers. Also, sewing machines can play a significant role in the sewing of polyesters. While you have another choice of needle sewing but it takes more time than is hassling too.


In the old times, affording dye sublimation printing for your company and selling was a difficult choice. This difficulty was held because of its extra expensive, and adding up the accessories increases the price. But now we have got many changes in this printing system for the prices and the enhancement of specifications.

Buying this versatile system for your printer is not a problem these days, even with complete accessories. Some of the famous and best companies making durable dye-sublimation printers provide them at affordable and low rates.


The dye-sub printer prints dye-sub ink onto a special transfer paper by using a wide-format inkjet printer. And then, the heat transfer from the paper is performed using a heat press to transfer the ink onto a piece of fabric. Also, sublimation occurs when inks turn into gases and enter polyester fibers.

An inkjet printer utilizes only the amount of ink necessary to create an image or print a page. And the printing batches will be completed using the ink leftover from previous ones. Due to its less efficient transfer method, dye sublimation uses a smaller amount of ink that is required for this process. Further, the printers then transfer only a portion to each ribbon’s color panels.

Ink for dye-sublimation, also known as dye-sublimation, is high-quality and waterproof. A high temperature prevents ink from smudging. Furthermore, textile printing, personalized items, or promotional items are printed with sublimation ink. As well as polyester and polyester-coated substrates, the ink can be used on materials.

Heat and pressure are required for sublimation to occur. It is necessary to use sublimation inks and transfer paper for dye-sublimation to be successful. Transform ink-on-paper into a decorative item by using a heat press.

Final verdicts

What is a dye-sublimation printer is the most asked question by the printing profession peoples. This is because of some of the complex and challenging tasks to do in it. But we have elaborated on each and everything in this article so that you can quickly get everything about printing with dye sublimation.

Now you can do proper printing with more durability and longevity. As well as this information will help you to do printing at an affordable rate and give you better dye choosing.

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