Wood Sublimation

Nowadays, wood sublimation is getting famous as many people still love antique items. Among the decor materials used worldwide, wood sublimation is the most common. There is an obsession with wood crafting everywhere, and people use it to decorate their houses.

In spite of this, the need for wood sublimation is growing every day. Due to Covid 19, many people lose their jobs, so it is the perfect time for you to start a wood sublimation business as sublimation is in trend and time to earn money. Simply change the way you work with wood. We’ll take care of the wood blanks and some custom design, and we’ll proceed.

Wood Sublimation

It is the perfect time for you to start a wood sublimation business as sublimation is in trend and time to earn money.

Can Wood be Sublimated?

In a place where natural wood isn’t appropriate, you might want the appearance of wood. A floor and deck with high traffic or a wall with a large size might be a good example. The effect of wood could be created using sublimation instead of using wood that might get damaged.

Further, it is possible to sublimate the grain of wood onto another material as a means of creating a wood-like visual with the steadiness, power, or price of another material.

Moreover, with sublimation, not only can you add wood grain to different shapes, but you can also use various materials that would be hard to match entirely with wood.

Top Sites For Buying Wood For Sublimation

Here are the sites where you can buy the best quality wooden blanks easily.











These are the sites that can give you the best quality wooden blanks. Whatever product you need on these sites, you can buy it easily. Also, these sites can give fast delivery, and some of them give self-pickup services as well. Further, all these sites are worldwide recognized, you will find good products for sublimation it will lead to earning good money in the sublimation business.

Best Wood For Sublimation

Maple, birch, bamboo, and any other wood that is sap-free and has a light color is suitable for sublimation. Furthermore, sublimation works best on white or any light color.

Wood That Can Not Be Sublimated

The wood that contains sap and has a pine coating is not best for sublimation. Additionally, the wood that has a sap usually starts leaking when heated.

Clipboard wood is not for sublimation as it may start melting during the heating process. And in the end, you just get a piece of the clipboard.

Further, MDF wood is also not a good option for sublimation. It is because this wood is a lot stronger, so the wood will never be separated when you put it in the heat pressing machine.

Moreover, the quality of the sublimation depends on the good type of wood.

The Material You Will Require

Sublimating on the wood is not much different from the sublimation on the other material. There is only one significant difference in sublimating on wooden blocks, and that is the printing process. However, for a high-quality wood print, the tools that are necessary are given below. Check them out.

Sublimation Printer

The 1st thing you need for any sublimation process is a good sublimation printer. If you don’t have a reasonable printer, you will never get the best outcomes. Therefore, you must ensure that the printer you have and the prints it produces will be able to accept the most recent changes.

Additionally, you should know what size prints the sublimation printer will provide. There is a lot of chance that you may have to print for bigger sizes because sometimes the wood sublimation needs a larger sizes printer.

Inks And Paper

For wood sublimation, the ink and paper you require must have good quality. There are multiple inks and papers available in the market but check first whether the ink is compatible with the wooden piece.

Wooden Blanks

The main and the most important material is the wooden blanks. Firstly, you have to see that the wooden blanks have a well-matched texture with ink sublimation. Moreover, remember the covering on the wooden blanks only help to implant the ink into the wooden blank.

Heat Press Machine

You have to purchase a heat press machine for the wood sublimation, and you have to buy that heat press machine that is used for sublimating solid objects. Moreover, get a heat press machine with a high range of heat and a good pressure range for wooden sublimating.

Wood Sublimating Process

To get the best result for the sublimation process. You will get the design and the texture of the wooden blank precise. Here are the following steps that you should know to complete your wooden sublimation process. Please follow these simple steps for better results.

Stage 1

The most important step for wood sublimation is the perfect wooden blank and texture of the wood. Once you know the size ad the texture of the wood, choose the design you want to print on the wooden blank. But not all of the design looks vivacious at that time.

Stage 2

Now place the design on the sublimation paper using the required ink. You have to make sure that the prints are high in resolution and high in contrast.

Stage 3

After printing the design, place it on the wooden paper, set the heat press machine on, and then heat it with a heat press machine. The heat and the pressure of the machine will implant the design in the covering of the wood.

After the heat press machine process is complete, please take out the wooden block from it and let it cool for a bit.

Stage 4

Take out the sublimation paper from the wooden block carefully after the sublimation paper is removed. You have your desire design on the wooden block forever.

Tips For Wood Sublimation To Get The Best Results

  • For the perfect sublimation, the wooden blank. The first thing you want to know is the coating of the given wooden plank and the type of sublimation ink you used for this wooden plank.
  • The second thing is that you have to understand the texture, size, and color of the wooden plank.
  • Understand the texture of the wooden plank is the main thing for wood sublimating. So, this is the part where you can understand what type of sublimation design you can use for vivacious results.
  • You must understand that what type of print will come at this time.
  • So lastly, you need to practice it many times for better results.


Yes, you can easily sublimate the wood, and the only requirement is that the wood must have a polymer coating. Maple, birch, bamboo, and any other wood that is sap-free and has a light color is suitable for sublimation.

Please have a look at the details mentioned above and try it by yourself to sublimate the wood.

In order to use this lamination film, you need to heat press it on a wood piece or other uncoated medium and then press an image on top of it. Yes, the polyester film used in the laminate is made of 100 percent polyester.

For the best possible result on the wood, you have to give light pressure on the heat press machine. The temperature must be 360 degrees Fahrenheit and give heat for 10 mins and get the perfect results.

Final Word

So, in the end, you can see that most people is craze wood crafting and d├ęcor their home with it. So, it is the best time for you to start a sublimation business because people are buying wooden sublimation crafting all over the wood. And if you’re a fan of wooden sublimating, you know that there is a trend going on nowadays. Which never gets old, and it is trendy for life.

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